Monday, June 13, 2011

Is Perfect Real?

PERFECT: conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an idea type.

In my philosophy class last year, which I was only half awake for, we learnt about a philosopher - Socrates I think - who said we come from a before time where we have seen a perfect place and perfect people, and that we are only a imperfect mold of this perfect person, left to live in our world which is obviously less that perfect; horrible and disgraceful one might say.

I'm a christian, so what the bible says I believe, I guess. But being a very lazy christian, I haven't really gotten around to reading much of the Bible as of yet, so whatever it says about where we came from I don't know. So I have my own version which follows sort of how Socrates believed it to be. I believe that in the before time we saw God and His perfectness, so when we come to earth and see all its not so perfectness, we go desperately searching for it. That's just it, isn't it? We're all searching for some sort of perfectness that we're not sure exists at all. We're all trying to look and act perfect, to know everything or everyone, or just simply to find that perfect person for us.
And people wonder why depression is a big thing.
Perfectness is a subjective term - no one opinion is right, but still everyone fights against that statement. I guess that's the world's down fall - everyone is opinionated.

"One man's perfection, is another man's not good enough"

A guy on Yahoo answers described perfection like this - perfection is when everything is in its place and correct. i find that seeking for perfection is a beautiful journey and knowing it can never be reached is even better .. because once it is reached ( not that it ever will be ) there is nothing else there , no learning , no searching , no excitement
give me seeking every time .. i don't want the journey to end.

But when does striving for perfection become too much. When does skipping another meal to stay skinny become your down fall. When does staying at work all day and night to finish projects ruin your family life. And when does the pressure dealt out by everyone else to be perfect destroy everything we are?
A lot of people really believe that it's just the girls that are obsessed with the idea of being perfect, but that's just because guys don't talk about it. Trust me, I've seen enough guys on the verge of breaking down under the pressure. They just won't admit it.

So what is perfection? Is it even real or achievable? What do you do to reach perfectness or do you even believe in it?

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